The Benson Hospital is a private initiative of the Benson family.   It was born out of a compassionate and caring heart to help sick people in our community as a small clinic initially.  It grew into a Hospital in 2002.

It was relocated to the outland Community near the Red Light in Paynesville in 1994. The facility was ransacked and looted during the civil crisis and it was later used by an International NGO (Medecins San Frontiers – MSF Spain) to provide free Maternal and Child services for seven years.

 It served the catchment population before, during and after the civil crisis and continues to make significant contributions to the Health and welfare of the Nation.  The vision is to become the Nation’s Center of Excellence for quality care for all who need health care services.

 Benson Hospital is a 50 Bed- Hospital with a spacious out- patient Department.   The Hospital has two Operation rooms for aseptic procedures.  The In-patient Department has a Male Ward, Female Ward, Pediatrics Ward, an Emergency Room and short-Stay observation Unit and Private Rooms. 

The Hospital has an antenatal Unit, a Labor Room, a delivery Room, a laboratory Unit, an X-ray Room, an Ultra Sound Room, and EKG Room. Pharmacy and 3 Consultation Rooms.  Other non- medical facilities include a state of the Arts incinerator for garbage disposal and two Generators – 27 KVA and 30 KVA for continuous power supply.  The Benson Hospital also has recently procured an Ambulance to ease transportation of critical and emergency patients to and from the Hospital.

We have 4 Medical doctors, 2 are full term and 2 are on part-time basis.  The Hospital also has 25 Medical Staff including a Physician Assistant, B.Sc. Nurses, Registered Nurses, Midwives, Lab Technicians, X-ray Technician and Nurse-Aides. The non-Medical Staff are 25 including an Administrator, a logistician, drivers, generator technicians and janitors.

The Hospital offered a general out patients’ services with emphasis on Maternal and child care.  We have a strong antenatal clinic daily and offer counseling services to those who need it for testing for HIV/AIDS.

 We provide free immunization services to children as recommended by the Ministry of Health National Schedule.  The Hospital has two good operating rooms and the surgeons are able to perform Caesarian section for Emergency Obstetric care and save the lives of mothers and neonates.

 Our surgeons are able to successfully carry out all major abdominal surgeries, thyroidectomy, mastectomy, urological surgery, gynecological surgery, orthopedic surgery and interventions-as may be needed.  We provide X-ray services especially to those injured from accidents and imaging. 

Ultrasound machine are used to help with maternal pregnancy presentations and to quickly determine the best mode of delivery needed.  The lab facility is supportive to confirm the diagnosis after a thorough medical history and clinical examination of patients.  We have been able to determine the sex of unborn babies when both parents want to know. 

The Hospital also offered free immunization services to children and pregnant women. Our vaccinators go out for outreach on a weekly basis to the catchment communities to sensitize mothers to bring their children for immunization and to provide the vaccination on the spot.  The Hospital is also noted for chronic fertility treatment and management of Gynecological conditions.

 The success rate has been anecdotal but significant.  We provide regular Pediatrics treatment of all childhood diseases and for all adult diseases including non –communicable and silent killers like Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus.  We have dedicated Operating room staffs who handle emergencies as they come and critical patients are put on continuous observation until they stabilize.

Some Achievements:  The Hospital has been able to maintain a sizable clientele of over 10,000 patients on Outpatient treatment annually.  We have recorded a good cure rate of infertility among couples.  Anecdotal evidence shows about

70% success rate, with news around that Benson Hospital is the hope for women looking for babies.  We treat all forms of infection among women which could lead to chronic gynecological complications and may lead to infertility.     We have a high successful surgical cure rate with abdominal surgeries.

 We have been able to successfully carry out surgical operations on over 100 patients last year with various diagnoses including caesarian Section, herniarraphy, hysterectomy, myomectomy, appendectomy, thyroidectomy etc.  The Hospital is noted as a center for Maternal and Child Services in its scope as well as general outpatient services.  

Benson Hospital has a strong Board of Directors that provides oversight, guide and direct the hospital to maintain quality and meet its planned objectives.